Tobacco 5

Rediscover Tobacco

Tobacco 5 is a connoisseur’s line of tobacco flavors infused with fresh fruits.

When you are seeking the best tasting vape, reach no further than Tobacco 5 premium e-liquid. Whether you are new to vaping or have been vaping for years, these are the flavors you have been hoping to find. The most flavorful, sweet, and nutty tobaccos enhanced with fresh fruits. From juicy apples and creamy bananas to the smooth, rich flavor of a robust blend, this is exactly what you’ve been craving. When the mood strikes reach for Tobacco 5.

Tobacco 5 is a 50VG blend available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg and packaged in red opaque glass bottles with dropper tops.

Apple: Crisp apple and light notes of citrus combined with rich tobaccos in this fresh tasting fusion.

Cherry: This is a flavorful combination of smooth tobacco mixed with sweet and tart cherry flavor, for those who like to vape the classics.

Peach: Delicate peaches and smooth tobacco come to life in this juicy fusion of flavors.

Banana: An updated mix of sweet banana and nutty tobacco create your favorite new flavor combo.

Rich: Full flavored and robust tobaccos blend together to create that unmistakable taste you crave.